What You Need To Know About The New Green Lantern Earth One

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Green Lantern fans worldwide have been eagerly awaiting a new version of their favorite character in comic book form, and today, they finally got it! The new Green Lantern Earth One graphic novel reimagines Hal Jordan’s story in an exciting way that stays true to the original and tells a story that only works in comic book form. Fans will love seeing Hal grow from an inexperienced test pilot to one of the greatest superheroes alive. In contrast, newer fans will enjoy all the humor and action in this stunning new interpretation of the Green Lantern mythos.

Why Should You Read This Book?

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This book is for anyone looking for a great story. It takes some of your favorite aspects of Green Lantern and puts them in a different context while bringing in new content and ideas. Whether you’re looking for something with some action, suspense, romance, drama, or comedy, you’ll find it in Justice League: Earth One. As any good story would, it leaves you wanting more after reading and makes you crave another serving of that same dish.

The Story Of The Book

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First introduced in 1959, Green Lantern was one of DC Comics’ first superheroes. He proved popular enough to warrant his series, which ended up being renamed several times over. Still, it always centered on Hal Jordan, who wielded a ring that enabled him to create anything he wanted out of green energy. But after 52 years of publication, DC decided it was time for an overhaul.

Main Characters 

Hal Jordan is one of Earth’s finest pilots. He served his country in combat during the Vietnam War but could never shake his depression after seeing so many friends die. As a result, he turned down an opportunity for further success in favor of working as a test pilot for Ferris Aircraft. It’s there that he met Carol Ferris, an executive at his company who would later become CEO after inheriting her father’s fortune.

Minor Characters

Many minor characters make an appearance in this book. Although they don’t play a major role, they help flesh out Hal Jordan’s history and personality. They include Carol Ferris, Abin Sur, Sinestro, Arisia Arab, Kilowog, Tomar-Re, Hammond & Ganthet. None of these characters are given much time or detail except for Carol Ferris, Hal Jordan’s love interest.

Places Mentioned in the Book

Several scenes take place in Oasis, Nevada. It’s a kind of futuristic Las Vegas with holograms and public nudity (it’s legal there). It’s also where Hal Jordan grew up, which is why he was there at all. Judge Ambrosia rules the city. Formerly her name was Alysia Yeoh, but she changed it after becoming an experimental cyborg judge. She has no parents or grandparents—she was grown in a lab.

Final Words

This book is great for any comic book fan or even someone who wants to give comics a chance. This graphic novel is based on Green Lantern, written by Grant Morrison. It gives you the backstory of Hal Jordan, Earth’s greatest pilot, and most fearless test pilot. He is recruited by Abin Sur, one of an elite force of warriors known as Green Lanterns, to defend his planet against Parallax, an evil entity trying to consume all life in the universe.

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