What is Environmental Safety importance in our surroundings

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In a small town, there was an industry that used chemicals to produce fabric. People were employed by this company and they were happy with their job because of the good money they get through this job. However, there were few workers who had been working for around 10 years at this factory and they knew something would be going wrong very soon with the current industrial activity of that company. Everyday production went on continuously without break or rest until late at night almost every day except Sunday when closing time was fixed at 6 pm. Workers started complaining about ill-health symptoms but management ignored all these complaints. They were told that if they didn’t like this job, they should leave it and make their own choice. one day, there was an incident when heavy smoke came out from the chimney of the factory and people around that area started coughing heavily because of the bad smell which came with it. People living in houses near the factory were telling workers who worked in this company about the hazards of working under such conditions but instead of taking care of themselves, workers said: “if we spoke against management or left this company, we will be unemployed and won’t be able to make good money as we do now. We can suffer now but will be making money later”.

Some time passed by and the situation became worse; one-night smoke was seen coming out from the chimney in a big amount and the sound of the explosion was heard. People living around that area were badly affected by bad smells while a few factory workers were injured seriously due to this incident. Many people including factory workers lived there but they never understood the importance of having a clean environment around them while some other people did not care about their surroundings because they wanted to make money for themselves, no matter what the cost would be.

Why is Environmental safety important

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Environmental safety is very important to keep our environment safe and free of hazards that can harm us anytime. Especially, every individual should try his/her level best to keep environmental safety so that we do not have to face such accidents in future too.

Environmental protection refers to the act or practice of protecting the natural environment on an individual, organizational or governmental level, for the benefit of both the environment and humans. Sometimes, this process is also called ecological sustainability.


Environmental protection is a part of environmental activism. Environmentalism refers to diverse groups, organizations, and societies that are concerned with protecting or improving the natural environment, including protecting or restoring areas contaminated by waste materials. Environmental organizations may be local, national, or international in scope. Some of these organizations are government-affiliated such as the National Trust for Scotland (NTS), the United States Forest Service (USFS) or state parks; others are independent non-profit organizations such as Greenpeace or The Nature Conservancy (TNC); while others are advocacy groups like Friends of the Earth/Friends of the Earth International.

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