This Is How Greta Thunberg Achieved Global Recognition – Number 4 Made Her Gained Momentum

Recognized by Time magazine’s 2019 edition, Greta Thunberg has become a worldwide sensation. The global media house described her as ‘creating a shift in millions’ attitudes and calling for a worldwide movement for the urgent change.’

The Swedish teenager started her movement, Fridays For Future, back in 2018 and called upon her fellow students to boycott Friday classes. Many of her pictures in action show her with a sign that in Swedish translation of this movement ‘Strike for Climate’.

Her first act was at the Swedish parliament’s gates, where she staged a 2-week long strike. She aimed to compel her government to cut carbon emissions. According to her Twitter account, she’s still active with her Friday strikes.

Her rise to fame was a phenomenal journey over the years. She has shown us how nothing can stand in the face of our conviction, especially when the issues at hand have a global reach. Here’s how she did it.

A person holding a sign

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