The List of Environmental Issues

list of environmental issues

A list of Environmental Issues is very important if we want to protect our planet. The environmental issues must be handled very well as it is affecting every aspect of life. They can be categorized into three categories which are environmental contamination, Non-ecological degradation, and anthropogenic degradation. These three categories of environmental issues can be discussed briefly. Let’s discuss each one separately.

Global Warming: This category is comprised of four broad aspects. It includes climate change, changes in the atmosphere due to global warming, alterations in the earth system due to greenhouse gases, and alterations in the biogeochemical cycles. Climate change is one of the most prominent and significant environmental issues of the 21st century. It has caused rapid and unusual fluctuations in the Earth’s climate condition.

List Of Environmental Issues

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Natural Disasters: Natural disasters are mainly due to the impact of natural phenomena such as tsunami, floods, drought, tornados, hurricanes, etc. On the other hand, biological destruction and environmental issues brought by fungi, algae, pathogens, parasites, etc. Apart from these, there are several other types of natural disasters such as nuclear holocaust, earthquake, Tsunami, hurricane, tsunami, forest fires, mudslides, windstorms, and other such types. Natural issues have been largely contributed to the changing of the earth’s environment. There has been a drastic change in the atmospheric conditions due to global warming.

Pollution: This is the second most important category of environmental issues. Pollution is defined as the emission of chemical, thermal, radiological, or radioactive matter. All these are the outcome of human activity. Industrialization, automobile usage, fuel production, and the use of pesticides have increased the level of pollution in the atmosphere.

World Warming: Since the inception of mankind, it has been dealing with global warming. The earth has been experiencing global warming since medieval times. It is considered one of the biggest environmental issues of the century. The alarming thing is that; the human population is increasing day by day and the earth is getting heated up. At the moment, there are about 2 billion people living on this planet and the number is going up each year.

Water Pollution: There have been many reports regarding water pollution. These water pollution issues can either be a natural phenomenon or the result of overpopulation, poor infrastructure, and improper management. The alarming thing is that; there are major political and financial organizations that are not taking the water pollution issue seriously.

A Much Ado

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Global Warming and Climate Change: This is another major problem faced by mankind. Evidence proves that; the earth has been undergoing different climate changes throughout the Earth’s history. However, with the increasing population, the impact of climate change and global warming is also getting severe. Evidence of catastrophic natural disasters like floods, drought, ice sheets, and tornadoes is increasing day by day.

These are some of the most common environmental issues faced by humanity. If these problems are not tackled with serious efforts then they will affect human life adversely. The best way to reduce the impact of global warming and climate change is to use renewable energy sources. Also, if possible, using green technologies should be adopted so that the impact of pollution can be minimized and the quality of life can be increased.

These are some of the other environmental issues, which have become important concerns for humanity. Habitat loss, overpopulation, pollution, climatic changes, nuclear proliferation, and endangered species are some of the topmost environmental issues faced by humanity. Efforts should be made to mitigate and prevent such issues so that the quality of life of human beings can be increased.

Overpopulation: Overpopulation has become one of the most prominent reasons for environmental impact. Human beings are placing more demand on the natural resources of the planet. More people are being born every year; this is leading to more demand for natural resources and for space on the earth. This is one of the reasons for climate change. Greater population concentration in areas with limited natural resources will increase the rate of degradation.

Bottom Line

Global Warming and climate change: Some of the environmental issues are directly caused by global warming and climate change. The increased atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide, methane gas, and other greenhouse gases are one of the reasons for global warming. Climatic changes may be brought about by human activity. Emissions of greenhouse gases, chemical fumes, etc., result in the atmospheric build-up of these gasses.

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