The Green Earth Effects On Our Future

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The Green Earth Appeal is an international not-for-profit social initiative, transforming the lives of some of the world’s poorest communities by tree planting and in partnership with other non-profits, such as yours. Since its founding, the Green Earth Appeal has saved or planted trees in more than sixty countries and helped create or restore over one hundred thousand green homes and other sustainable constructions. What started out as a simple idea, the concept of planting trees has blossomed into an incredible and growing project that has the potential to not only save the environment but also the finances of individuals and families all over the world. This is an absolutely fascinating and awesome concept…and it’s completely possible!

In its most basic form, the idea behind the green earth appeal is quite simple: the green earth is being used as a habitat for wildlife. This could be anything from orphaned wildlife rescued from illegal wildlife poaching, to the breeding grounds for rare and indigenous species, to the creation of habitats for birds and other animals. In Africa alone, there are literally millions of acres of forest being cleared every day to make way for farming, cattle and other land-based industries. This causes vast numbers of these animals to die off. The idea behind the green earth planting is that planting trees can offset the loss of so many of the world’s beautiful animals.

What Is The Major Objective Of The Green Appeal?

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Trees planted in the Amazon forests are replanting huge areas of jungle that have been cleared for so many years. Through the use of cutting-edge technology, scientists are able to replant the trees in an incredibly fast and efficient manner…and these trees are 100% Earth friendly. These Earth friendly ice melting products will not harm birds nor the delicate eco system which exists within the vast Amazonian forests. In addition to this amazing feat, the solid, granular green ice melt products will not damage the delicate global climate system which exists around the globe.

Biodiversity is promoted through the establishment of these Earth friendly ice melting products. This allows us to think about nature in a more sustainable, creative and evolved way. One such species would be the orangutan. The orangutan has lived on the earth for countless years and has learned how to survive in extreme temperatures and arid environments. Now with the planting of the solid, granular green ice melt (ice sheet) product the orangutan can once again venture out into the swamplands of Asia and the middle east to feed on the wild berries and leaves.

What Ate The Ice Melting Products?

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In South America, the establishment of the ice melting products is allowing indigenous tribes the opportunity to reforest their lands. In some areas this is happening so rapidly that it is creating a new rainforest in its place. This is leading to increased levels of biodiversity, which is crucial to the success of conservation efforts. Brazil is a great example of the benefits of the green ice melt and the establishment of the products. Brazil has experienced an increase in the Amazon rainforest due to the establishment of the ice sheet material. This Amazon expansion has led to increased wealth in the small population centers outside the Amazon where people live off the land.

How Global Warming Issue Should Be Tackled?

Global warming is one of the greatest challenges we face in the human endeavor. A very good example would be the ice melting in the arctic. Global warming is believed to be the number one reason for the rapid loss of the green ice. The rapid loss of the green ice could lead to the reduction of methane gas emissions, which act as a potent greenhouse gas. This means that less carbon dioxide will be released into the atmosphere which will result in potentially causing further climate change. There are also a few negative side effects, which are associated with global warming, which is why it is imperative to try and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

It is also vital that we do something about the ocean acidification which is taking place all over the world. Ocean acidification is caused by the absorption of CO2, which is produced by the burning of fossil fuels like petrol, which leads to a release of the green ice melt. The ocean is being overwhelmed by this excess acidity. This will cause the seas to rise in some areas and will displace the smaller aquatic animals that live in the benthic substrates of the ocean floor. It will also result in the lowering of the ground water levels, which will result in the flooding of low-lying areas that are vulnerable to flooding.

Final Thoughts

It is essential that we understand that the green ice melt is going to result in some major changes in the Earth’s climate. Rapid melting of the ice sheets will result in the ocean acidification. This will cause the ocean to change its chemistry, which will result in the alteration of the earth’s pH level. This alteration in the pH level will result in the absorption of additional CO2 and methane, which will consequently increase global temperatures. The green ice melt is not only going to have an effect on us directly through the acidification of our oceans, but it will also have a massive and far-reaching effect on the environment, as a whole.

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