The Environmental Issues China Is Controlling

china environmental issues

The impact of environmental issues in China has far reaching consequences on China itself as well as on the world scene. If China continues on the path that it is on, they will soon be remembered as one of the biggest contributors to climate change. If the current trend continues, they will also be remembered as the largest producer of greenhouse gasses. All this without giving much thought to the kind of future they are creating for themselves and for future generations.

There have been many debates over what China should do in order to protect its environment. They have become the major force in fighting against pollution. However, one could question whether or not China is doing the right thing and doing everything they can to protect the environment.

First, one has to look at their track record to understand whether or not they are doing what they can to preserve the environment. It seems to be a case of when it is not enough. Whether or not China is doing all that they can to protect the environment is irrelevant. What matters is whether they are doing anything to solve the environmental issues that have plagued their country for years. If they are going to address the environmental problems that exist, they will need to take bold steps.

For instance, China has made some progress when it comes to cleaning up the environment. However, they still have many environmental problems to work on. The pollution problems that exist are very large. It is no surprise that the government often emphasizes how much effort they are taking to protect the environment and to clean up the air and water.

China is in a unique situation when it comes to dealing with environmental issues. The fact that their weather is erratic and the quantity of pollution that is out there in the air is very high makes it challenging to effectively do anything. There is little time to react to environmental issues because of the limited amount of time that there is. The solutions are also limited. This is why China is often at the forefront of clean energy technology.

They have invested a lot of money in this field. It is their hope that someday, the country will become more energy independent. Right now, they rely on fossil fuels for most of their energy needs. They rely heavily on coal, which is considered to be one of the leading contributors to the global environmental issues of today. If China truly wants to contribute to solving the environmental issues that are affecting their community, they must find a way to use renewable sources of energy. That is where solar power could make a difference.

Final Words

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China’s newfound international status will only strengthen their hand in helping the world solve its environmental issues. They have invested a lot in research and development of clean energy technologies and it will only be a natural progression. It is likely that they will find ways to continue to pollute the environment while using clean energy to power their country. However, for the time being, it is looking as if they will remain a developing country in terms of their green culture.

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