The Biggest Environmental Issues Of Current Times

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The environmental conditions and the natural habitat in which people live have a direct impact on all the life forms under the sky. It is a provider of food and fodder and everything else needed to sustain life on this planet. However, ever since the Industrial Revolution began back in the eighteenth century, the environment has suffered constant and consistent damage. In the present age of technology, the situation has been aggravated a step further with rapid industrialization and unhealthy environmental practices. It is high time to recognize the biggest environmental issues and undo them.

Here are some of the prominent issues in the category.

Changing Climate – One Of The Biggest Environmental Issues

This phenomenon is also known as global warming. The global rise in temperature or climate change is occurring because of a rise in the layer of carbon dioxide around the planet beyond the tolerable limit. It is called the greenhouse effect that is also strengthened by other greenhouse gases that trap all the sun’s radiation and prevent it from going back into space. The major source of this carbon dioxide emission is the burning of fuels in vehicles and factories.


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It is the situation of waste factors being produced in excessive and intolerable limits. There are different types of pollution, water pollution, air pollution, soil pollution, etc. It is a very severe problem in metro cities and other urban areas. It is causing major health ailments that prove to be fatal as well. The impact of pollution falls alike on humans as well as animals. The rise in the level of pollution is also responsible for slowly degenerating the body of living beings as well as giving birth to bacterial and viral infections.

The Biggest Environmental Issues Is Crisis of Water

Another major problem the world is facing is the loss of drinking water. This is happening because of excessive usage and wastage of water. Around seventeen countries in the world like Israel, Kuwait, Iran, Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, etc. are facing dangerous levels of the water crisis. Global climate change and excessive wastage of water have a major role to play in the birth and growth of this situation. The underground water table is constantly going down as well.


This is the biggest man-made problem that the earth is facing. It can be traced as the reason for many other issues as well. The unnecessary clearing of forests is depriving the Earth of the required level of oxygen for sustaining life. Trees are also the reason for temperature cool down and management and as such their absence is also causing a rise in the global temperature which is further the reason for glacier melts and rise in sea levels.

Moreover, deforestation is one of the prime causes of the disturbance of monsoon cycles in different parts of the world. It is leading to draughts in many regions while some of the others get drowned in floods. In both situations, there is excessive damage to moisture and water levels.


The environmental issues are now posing a threat to lives and thus it is essential to adopt measures to reduce them. Water conservation and tree planting are some measures that should be undertaken.

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