Solar Panels And Energy

Solar Panels And Energy | A Look Into It

Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meets today’s demand for energy. It is energy than can be used without putting it in danger of getting over or depleted. Sustainable energy should be widely encouraged, although they have their own disadvantages. One such sustainable form of energy is solar energy. Solar energy refers to the type of energy in which the sunlight is used as a source of energy which is converted into usable energy through solar panels.

Advantages Of Using Solar Panels

Solar Energy’s main advantage is that it generates large amounts of energy without much pollution or global warming.

Solar Panels And Energy | A Look Into It
Solar Panels And Energy | A Look Into It

Pros And Cons Of Using Solar Panels

The pros include that solar energy has no greenhouse emission, that the source of the energy is virtually infinite and available everywhere, little or no transmission required, minimal maintenance, no sound pollution, etc. However, there are some disadvantages to using solar panels too.

On the other hand, solar energy is only available during particular times of days- not at night or when it is cloudy. Solar energy is also relatively higher in its cost. Solar panels are fragile and require too many materials. Some other drawbacks include that it needs large amounts of space, requires expensive things like inverter, storage grids etc.

But, Solar Energy Is Expensive Right?

Well, yes, they are. However, there are many ways we can invest in solar energy and make it affordable. Some researchers have found that they can make solar energy cheaper by 50 cents by watt. They plan to achieve this through using a newer and cheaper cell which can create the same amount of energy as the old solar cell.

Most people think that solar energy is expensive as there is cheaper energy available like fossil fuels. But when Fossil Fuels run out then solar energy will be one of the only options. Resulting in higher demand for this kind of energy. Making power plants is expensive. But remember, in the long run, this will help help you recoup your money back. Therefore, building power plants is a great one-time investment.

Solar Panels And Energy | A Look Into It
Solar Panels And Energy | A Look Into It

Inflatable Solar Panels

There is a new solution for Solar energy. Now, there are panels that float on water. This solves mainly 2 issues. Now, these panels occupy lesser space by using any known needed water body to float on. Moreover, the water itself cools down the solar panel, allowing people to cut costs, therefore, making solar panels comparably more productive. Lastly, it also has other positive impacts: It sheds water-reducing algae development.

Inflatable solar panels reduce the common problem of solar energy which is that it takes a lot of space it takes. These solar take up really less space and can be inflated into as big as 1 meter or 2. These costs really less compared to normal panels. These can save up to 0.2 tons of carbon footprint per year, with only a single unit of the solar panels. These are capable of heating 2 tons of water in 1 or 2 hours. That is one of their main use of personal use category.

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