Sea Level Rise Poses Environmental Issues In Florida

environmental issues in florida

There are many environmental issues in Florida, particularly as it relates to water. Florida is absolutely huge, and the state has the fifth-largest system of rivers in the entire nation. A large part of Florida is an extremely biodiverse ecosystem, which also includes large portions of land that is highly acidic in its natural environment.

Unfortunately for Florida, this large region of land includes the most endangered species in the country. In fact, there are over 1.9 million acres of land in south Florida that are dedicated to the conservation and protection of the Florida Fish and Wildlife. Due to the species’ endangerment, no new harvest of fish can be harvested within the conservation area. This means that there is a severe shortage of fish in south Florida, which has led to much of the tourism in the area being driven directly related to fish sales and tourism. The problems that arose from this situation have led to some environmentalists going on a crusade against what they see as the inhumane treatment of the Florida Fish and Wildlife.

Environmental Issues In Florida

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Environmentalists are also very concerned about the threat that invasive species pose to the Florida Water Supply. Because of the ever-changing environment that invasive species are developing in, there is an increased risk of flooding, storm runoff, and the introduction of harmful chemicals into the water system that threatens to poison the water and eventually kill fish and wildlife. As the threats become more severe, the need to deal with the environmental issues in South Florida becomes more important.

In south Florida specifically, there is one environmental issue that is expected to become a huge problem in the upcoming years. This comes from the effects of climate change. Rapid climate change is causing the temperature of the coastal areas to increase, while the humidity is decreasing. This change is greatly affecting the ecosystem, and the lack of information on how south Florida can adapt to the changes caused by climate change is leading to the increase of invasive species.

Rapid climate change has also caused another big issue to arise – salinity. Saline levels are declining at an alarming rate, which directly affects the ecosystem. There is also an increase in invasive species as well as in the number of mosquitoes. As this problem escalates, it will only get worse.

A Much Ado

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On the heels of all this, you have the issue of environmental pollution. In addition to all the wastewater and unsanitary conditions that are occurring all over the state, Florida is ranked number five in terms of its environmental pollution. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection is attempting to do something about this by creating the Florida Clean Energy Advancement Program. The program, which includes the installation of clean energy technology in local communities and encouraging home and business owners to use wind and solar power, has so far received mixed reviews.

Whether or not you agree with environmental issues in Florida, there is no denying that it is taking a toll on the Everglades and other areas surrounding the state. Florida is in the path of the Everglades and other environmental threats and there is little wonder that the Floridians are trying to do whatever they can to protect the environment. A prime example of this is the establishment of the Miami-Dade County Environmental Management Organization, or the Miami-Dade EMA. The group works closely with the state and federal government to address environmental issues in Florida and develop solutions that will benefit the Everglades, for generations to come.

Final Words

If you want to know more about environmental issues in Florida, you can visit Miami-Dade County’s environmental website. You can also go on the governmental website of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Both sites offer lots of helpful information on the issues that are faced by Florida residents every day. The Miami-Dade EMA can answer any questions you may have about sea-level rise, pollution, air quality, water pollution, and more.

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