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Located just west of Champaign, in the heart of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, is the Green Earth Deli. The establishment itself was founded back in 1992 as an eatery dedicated to serving “organic, sustainable and healthy foods.” A special feature of the restaurant is that all of its items are grown locally, primarily on land owned by the owners. In addition to the food products themselves, the restaurant sells a variety of other items such as honey, organic wines and juices, spices and condiments, cheeses, crackers, bread, tea, and coffee.

A Wide Range Of Stocks

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The menu at the Green Earth Deli is very simple. Chicken, pork, and beef are the mainstays of the menu; with over 40 varieties of different entrees, you’re sure to find something that satisfies your taste buds. The Green Earth grocery bag is also very popular among local residents and visitors to the Urbana campus. It’s a convenient way to take your groceries home or conveniently bring it with you to your apartment or dorm room when you’re off campus.

Great Money Saving Opportunity

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Unlike many other grocery stores, the prices at the Green Earth are not only affordable for the average consumer, but they are also very cost effective. For a person working full time in order to afford a weekly grocery bill at Urbana’s Best Markets, it would cost nearly two thousand dollars to fill up a month at the store. By shopping at the green earth grocery store, you can save more money each week than you would spend at the local supermarket. What’s more, because they grow their own ingredients, you don’t have to consume unhealthy, fatty meat. On top of that, the meats they offer are also leaner than at other Urbana Illinois stores.

Exclusive Discounts

Green Earth Discount Grocery Store is located at the corner of Delaware and Madison streets. It has been a tradition since 1987 for the business owner to sell the Sunday papers from his store and then go out into the community to sell them for Sunday dinner. After serving their customers for years, many people began to notice that the paper sales did not seem to cover all the issues they needed. This prompted the owner to add produce to the menu and offer health food items from the Sunlight Acme Food Center, a company owned by the late Ronald Coelho. Although many people stopped by the store to purchase their Sunday papers, most customers came to buy the health food items offered by the deli.

Amazing Deals

Once people started to enjoy the taste of organic foods, they wanted to find a place where they could get them at wholesale prices. They soon learned about the discount food center and started frequenting it to buy organic foods in bulk. When the economic recession hit the country, many people lost their jobs and were unable to make large purchases. These days, many people are turning to the healthy food market for their nutritional needs.

Assorted Product Range

In the Green Earth Discount Grocery Store, one can find organic foods at a fraction of the regular cost. Most of the foods offered are imported from Europe. They are fresh and free of any preservatives or pesticides. Many of these organic foods are grown in soil that has not been sprayed with any insecticides or fertilizers. The owners of this small food center started the business to help those in need and have become a popular local retailer.

Wrapping Up

There are many other small food retailers in Edwardsville IL including Sizzler, Bob Evans Foodstuff, Save-A-Cradle, Nola’s Foods, and The Good Eats Restaurant. These stores are also selling organic foods in bulk. They are convenient because they are located just a few blocks from their retail stores. Other local grocery stores such as Jewel, Giant, and Giant Foods are also selling many organic food items. One of the greatest things about this food center is that it gives a portion of each sale to help fund the local schools. Because of the high price of foods today, children in the area have a harder time affording them. The education of children in the area is also being affected, so more people are now going to schools that offer healthier eating options for the entire family.

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