Reasons To Use Reusable Bags For Shopping

reusable bags for shopping

Shopping is the one thing that all of us indulge in, doesn’t matter what our age is. It is also one of the commonly known causes of increasing world pollution. How so? When you go shopping, you do not generally carry a bag with you. Instead, you ask the shopkeeper to give you a bag which most of the time turns out to be made of plastic. Then you go home with that plastic bag, and once your things are in place, you discard the plastic bag, and this is one of the greatest causes of pollution – plastic. So, why not use reusable bags for shopping and reduce our carbon footprints on the Earth?

Still wondering what good will it be if you switch to reusable bags for shopping and stop using plastic bags and plastic products at all? We have 4 good reasons to convince you. Read along.

Reusable Bags For Shopping Help To Conserve Resources

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Though the disposable plastic bags may seem small and light, they have a major effect on the health of the planet. Gallons of oil is wasted in making these plastics and in the end all of it goes into waste. Wonder how much good would it be to the world if we hadn’t wasted all the oil into making these plastics.

Helps To Cut Down Pollution

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Did you know, plastic and plastic products can take somewhere between 15 to 1000 years to finally breakdown and decompose? That is only assuming that the product ends up on land instead of a water body. If you calculate the number of plastic products you use in a day and then multiply it with the total population, imagine how much harmful waste you are creating! So, by using reusable bags for shopping and for other purposes, you will be saving the planet a lot.

A Reduced Number Of Plastic Products Can Help To Protect The Wildlife

Thousands of marine and other wildlife creatures die every year owing to the plastic waste that is there in their stomach. We throw our waste products here and there and they somehow make their place into the sea or in the forest. The innocent creatures either eat them up or get stuck in the various items and ultimately end up dying ruthlessly.

Using Reusable Bags For Shopping Can Help You Save Money

Every time you bring a plastic bag home, you pay for it. What if you saved that money elsewhere and put it to some good use? Maybe buy something for the children/people in need or maybe even save it for your future? Imagine how much good you would be doing just by carrying a light cloth bag with you!

Wrapping Up

While these were only a few among the plethora of reasons why you should use a reusable bag for shopping instead of a plastic bag, I’d end my case saying, do it because you can. Generations of people before you lived their lives without using plastic shopping bags. If they have survived, you can too. So, if you want to send this message to your future generations, it is necessary that you use reusable shopping bags.

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