Pursuing An Environmental Health And Safety Career

environmental health and safety officer

An Environmental Health and Safety (HESA) specialist oversees the department’s overall health and safety activities. He/she is also responsible for the determination of risks posed by chemicals, pollutants, toxins, and infectious agents. In addition to their duties dealing directly with EHS risks, they also conduct and manage quality assessments on facilities, systems, and equipment that serve the nation’s EHS needs. These activities make it possible for agencies to effectively protect people, property, and the environment.

The field of environmental health and safety is vast, yet it is often overlooked by many employers and employees alike. Because it involves so many different facets of the EHS field, specialists often find themselves at a loss for the right job or career opportunity. Fortunately, there are many career options available. If you wish to be involved in the health care community, then you might want to consider the following careers. No matter what your specific interests and goals are in terms of environmental health and safety, there’s likely a position waiting for you.

Benefit Of Environmental And Safety Officer

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A career as an environmental health and safety officer offers a unique combination of benefits. Not only do you get to help protect the public, but you can also enjoy a stable line of work that pays well. By working for a variety of federal, state, and local agencies, you can help to ensure that the EHS laws are followed. Additionally, you may receive advancement in your chosen career.

Another option for those interested in environmental health and safety jobs is to become a field employee. As opposed to working for a federal, state, or local agency, field jobs are generally offered by environmental organizations or other organizations outside the healthcare industry. You may get involved in a voluntary organization that works to prevent pollution or improve the nation’s water quality. Alternately, you can work at a site where you can actually improve the environment. For example, construction companies often employ field employees who have the responsibility of improving the quality of the crew’s work environment. On the other hand, some construction companies hire only an engineer, who is responsible for making sure that the project is environmentally sound.

Degree For Safety Job Placement

Of course, in order to obtain an environmental health and safety job, you need to have a degree. However, a degree alone won’t guarantee your placement. Instead, you’ll need to take the time to evaluate your career goals. If your main concern is making the country safer, then you will be best suited for jobs in the Department of Interior, which has direct responsibility for a wide variety of environmental issues. Likewise, if your major is public health, then the Environmental Protection Agency might be perfect for you.

Last Words

The good news is that you don’t necessarily have to become an environmental health and safety officer to fulfill your career goals. Some of the best online colleges that offer environmental courses also offer degrees in healthcare and related fields. Therefore, if you are already employed and would like to pursue a higher degree in a relevant field, your training can be easily carried out from your employer. This means you will be able to continue working while completing your education, saving you time and money.

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