Nigeria Environmental Issue Should Be Addressed With A Global Lens

nigeria environmental issues

Environmental issues are increasing day by day due to various reasons in the world as a whole. A Nigeria Environmental issue is a concern for the whole world. Rapid expansion and industrialization have led to a tremendous increase in the population. Rapid urbanization has created pressure for more land and resource utilization. Infrastructure, ranging from infrastructure and transport to raw materials, is rapidly increasing. Rapid urbanization has also created more informal sectors in the economy, resulting in an increased population with more needs for employment. The pressure on the environment is also increasing due to various issues arising from urbanization and other issues related to waste and improper disposal of solid and waste materials.

Reasons for Degradation of the Environment in Nigeria

Water Resources

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Water is the single most important resource for the sustenance of human life and other activities. It is the most important source of livelihoods and business. Lake Niger and the Chagas are critically important sources of freshwater. Many regions have a low water table, and it has become a serious concern for the environment. Efforts are underway to improve the water table by properly utilizing existing water resources and water potential through reclamation and re irrigation.

 Land Use and Livestock intensive development have increased the demand for farmlands and caused an increase in the population, leading to increased demand for agricultural lands. The increase in the population is directly proportional to the decrease in the agricultural produce in the market. The livestock industry is another important contributor to environmental issues in Nigeria. The increasing number of cattle, poultry, buffaloes, zebras, hogs, and others has increased the volume of land needed for their development.

The Erosion of Sandy Soils

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This condition is one of the most prominent causes of the loss of wetlands and natural springs. Rapid urbanization has caused an increase in the population leading to an increase in the demand for housing construction and land development. Development in different spheres of life has resulted in the inappropriate use of natural resources and the impact on the soil and water table. Sufficient and appropriate investment in research to address these environmental issues must be implemented immediately to avoid the erosion of sandy soils.

Degradation of Water Resources

This is one of the major reasons for the degradation of water resources. Urbanization and development in Nigeria have increased the population and increased the need for housing. The excessive use of agricultural lands and over-exploitation of natural resources have contributed to the problem. Rapid urbanization and development have also increased the population leading to an increase in the demand for housing. The excessive use of water in cities and the wastage of water in rural areas have worsened water pollution and the pollution of groundwater.

Wasted Efforts   

A major reason for soil degradation and water quality is excessive use of water and inappropriate disposal of waste. Urbanization and further development have increased the population and increased the demand for housing. This has increased the population, increasing the demand for housing. Greater pressure on land and limited water availability means that waste can no longer be discarded at the application site. The wastewater should be transported to the nearest port or river for recycling or disposal.


People do need to take care of the environment and must not invite global warming. This environmental issue would take the world to the end which will doubt the existence of humans itself.

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