Major Environmental Issues In Columbia

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Soil erosion –

Columbia Soil erosion has resulted from the loss of vegetation, heavy rainfall, and the soil has also been damaged by the overuse of pesticides and chemicals during agriculture. 

Acidification –

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Acid precipitation has caused the lowering of soil and water PH and deposition in Columbia. The process disrupts ecosystem nutrient flow and kills fish and plants of freshwater.

Acid rain – 

It is one of the environmental issues in Columbia. Acid rain has the power to damage the earth’s fragile ecosystems, and also it contains a harmful level of Sulphur dioxide or nitrogen oxide.

Aerosol –

Aerosol is the collection of airborne particles dispersed in a gas, smoke, or fog.

Afforestation – 

Afforestation is converting an agricultural space by planting trees and plants.


Biodiversity is biological diversity in which the relative number of species is diverse in form and function at the genetic organism, community, and Ecosystem level. The loss of biodiversity reduces an ecosystem’s ability to recover from natural or man-induced disruption.


It is the  total weight and volume of living matter in a given area or volume. It is also decreasing in Columbia.


They are the indications we are getting from a plant or animal species whose presence, abundance and health reveal the general condition of its habitat in the environment.


Defoliants are the chemical substances that cause plants or trees to lose their leaves

Artificially, it is often used in agriculture for insect control and has a very bad impact on human and environment systems.


Deforestation is the destruction of vast areas of forest by unsustainable Forestry ways of agriculture, and the overuse of wood products as fuel.


The water with shallow soluble mineral contents and obtained from sources include lakes, streams, rivers, glaciers, and underground aquifers.

Noxious substances

Poisonous substances are hazardous and harmful to living beings.

Waterborne diseases

Waterborne diseases are diseases transmitted through water. These waters contain harmful bacteria, it is a severe problem in areas with an untreated water supply.

These are the current environmental issues in Columbia, which affect on a significant level.

Government Initiated Program For Environmental Issues In Columbia

The Colombian government has initiated many programs to protect the environment. The Amazon forest, Andean area, and the Pacific coast were protected from the year 1959. The environmental agency named institute for development of renewable natural resources and the environment was established in 1969 to deal with these environmental issues in Columbia and also partaking many major steps to  protect its endangered species.

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