Main Characters of earth one green lantern novels


Green lantern – earth one is an independent graphic novel written and illustrated by Mike Carey. This graphic novel follows the life of Hal Jordan, the athlete, born from a normal Earth family but raised as a human without his traditional powers. As readers, we are introduced to Hal Jordan and the origins of his power as he clashes with those who would take advantage of his isolation and need for help. Let’s take a look at the main characters of this series

Hal Jordan

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The Green Lantern Corps is a fictional superhero group from the DC universe. Hal Jordan was a founding member along with John Stewart before they split off to pursue individual careers. He is the second most powerful person in the universe and the 67th person to ever join the Corps. He is also known as the Green Lantern of Earth and many other dimensions. He protects people from evil forces while enforcing the peace between different species on our home planet. Hal Jordan is the most ethical man in the universe. He takes on the Green Lantern Corps with the intent of bringing peace and order to the universe.


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Kilowog has been given the ability to generate light based on willpower which allows him to see into the most accurate detail in the universe. This combined with his immense knowledge of ancient mythology and history allows him to make prediction-based decisions that only he knows are true. The Kilowog is an ancient shapeshifter from an age where legends speak of a people called the Kilowogs who traveled across the stars, bringing with them an infectious Light that would cure all ills. 

John Stewart

The Green Lantern Corps is an international superhero team consisting of individuals from different races, ages, and nationalities. A founding member of the group, John has been a member since he was a young teenager. In the DC universe, Lex Luthor has his flame, called John Stewart. He chose to join the Corps because of its emphasis on heroic deeds. Since taking up arms as a Green Lantern, he has saved the lives of countless people and maintained a positive outlook on life.


In the fictional universe of DC Comics, there is a superhero named Sinestro. He is a fierce green warrior known for his ability to create artificial storms and control the movements of the planets but he was discharged from corps as he misused his powers. A tricky taskmaster, he has the power to instill fear in his foes and lend impetus to his friends. Whether he is bridging the gaps between worlds or ruling the cosmos, Sinestro always has a plan in place that will ensure he comes out on top.


Earth one has two volumes, both of which take you on an interesting ride into the green lantern corps. All of its characters have been crafted beautifully and have symbolic qualities and features. It is a must-read for green lantern fans.

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