Lets You Design and Easily Print Your Own Personalized Cards! Giving You the Cleanest, and Smoothest Edges!

The old ways are gone of having traditional business cards printed on regular material. Nowadays, it is a trend for clear or transparent business cards. They are transparent that you can see through them, and your business details are printed on them. Without any extra effort, they will surely get the attention of many.

Having a transparent business card is a unique and durable idea to get your business card made out of 20PT plastic as it is slightly thinner than the other standard cards. Many use 250 microns translucent PVC in making cards like these that give it a premium finish as well as great flexibility. 

Transparent business cards are the most extraordinary way ever. In this article, we have a resource where you will get customized designs at an affordable price. 

Transparent Cards Customizable Printing Card

Transparent business cards gain popularity because of their unique style, design, and special effects that are incorporated into the design. The ultimate part about this product is that the material used in making this product is eco-friendly plastic PVC, and you can get it customized. The corners of the card will be round, and you will get your order within seven working days. 

Remember that a conversation starts with business cards. If you want your business card, don’t go in the trash, then make it unique that the person hasn’t seen it before and keep it close to him. So get your customized cards from here. If not business cards, you can also get printed invisible quotes cards or written something special to give someone. 


  • Brand Name: Fashion Printing
  • Type: Plastic Business Card
  • Design: Free design
  • Colour: Full color
  • Material: Eco-friendly plastic PVC
  • Shipping Time: 3-7 business days


  • The style is unique and a bit chic because it’s translucent that makes it super stylish.
  • This product resists water, and it can’t be easily torn. 
  • This product has a good quality material used in completing that doesn’t quickly get wrinkled. 
  • You can simply customize anything you want to print on it as you desire. 
Text, letter, engineering drawing


  • This product doesn’t have any such serious drawbacks, but you can always check on reviews before buying any product. 


This article was about transparent cards and customizable printing cards. You can get these customized plastic business cards printed the way you like. It could also be an excellent option to give it to someone with unique printing on it. Give it a try, and you will, of course, love the idea of transparent cards that are made on your customized printing designs you choose.

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