Let Your Yard Look So Amusingly Decorate By The Solar Mini Fountain And Catch All The Attention!

In the garden, you see different-different Type Of plants and decorative items like a fountain in the best and attractive item where water makes some different types of design by garden pool/pond solar-powered and multi-nozzled mini fountain. You also change the design of water by a fountain controller, and you also change light color. It also has a solar-powered and energy-saving unique and clever design and floating mini fountain convenient and easy to use, durable and long-lasting and helps to make your garden look more beautiful and various nozzles for water sprayer.

Hassle-free plant watering and attracts passers-by to see the beauty of your garden. It also makes a kid happy with a spray of water in the air. Kid playing with a fountain in the garden. Maximum flow of 210L/h and weight at 200g and maximum water height of 50cm. The package includes one solar fountain panel, five nozzles, one nozzle base, one transfer connector. There are different fountains, like indoor and outdoor: an indoor means a small fountain, and an outdoor means a significant and designed fountain with lighting effects. You can get this amazing garden pool/pond solar-powered and multi-nozzled mini fountain.


·         Brand Name: OLOEY is the best brand of mini fountain.

·         feature: it has the feature of Solar fountain Fountain

·         type: it is Garden Pool Pond Solar Panel

·         occasion: it has Floating Fountain Decoration Water

·         Dropshipping: yes

·         Decoration: its best for  Water Fountain Solar Panel

·         Material: it made up of  Acrylic

·         Number: Garden Pool Pond Solar Fountain

·         Type1: Floating Fountain Decoration Solar Panel Solar fountain Fountain

·         Type2: water fountain

·         Type3: Bird Bath Water Fountain

·         Type4: solar fountain pump

·         Type5: solar fountain

·         Protection Level: It has a protection level of IP65

·         Certification: it is certified by CE

·         Warranty: it has a 1year warranty.

A bench next to a body of water


·    Solar-powered the source, entirely controlled by solar energy, no need for battery or electricity. It is an Eco-Friendly solar water source and saves money.

·      This friendly solar water fountain is perfect for bathing birds, fish tanks, small ponds, ponds, gardens, and oxygen circulation. Your garden will catch the eye of all passers-by.

·      Remove the film and place the solar fountain in the water. When the sunlight strikes it, the fountain will automatically operate. The sun source will start in 3 seconds when the solar panel has received enough sunlight.

·     Water can rise to 30-50cm approx. Connect different pipes, the height of the water spray will vary.

·      This birdbath solar fountain has four different types of nozzles, and it helps to change the height of water in different water styles.



·         The birdbath and stand are not included.

·         It is required to clean the pump from time to time.

·       Do not make the pump run without water for too long, or the life span will be shorter.

·         When the pump is driven by direct sunlight, the spring spray’s height depends on the sun’s strength. When the sunlight is weak with any shadows, the pump may spray occasionally or even stop altogether.


If you are looking for the best garden decorative item and attractive garden pool/ pond, solar-powered and multi nozzled mini fountains are the best for the garden. It takes all the attention from people towards the fountain That by this is the best fountain.

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