Know Everything About Biosphere And Hydrosphere

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The earth has mainly four spheres which include the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere. And each of the spheres holds different parts of the earth. In this article, we will discuss in detail about the biosphere and hydrosphere. But before that, let’s take a brief introduction about the earth.

Earth is the only planet that supports life and where we live. It ranks third in the orbit after Mercury, Venus, and Mars. The distance between the earth and the sun is about 150 million kilometers. The shape of the earth is spherical, which means it is not a perfect round. The planet bulges out the middle, whereas the poles are slightly flattened.

Know Everything About Biosphere And Hydrosphere
Know Everything About Biosphere And Hydrosphere

The earth is the single planet that consists of one moon. Whereas Mercury has no moon at all. But Jupiter and Saturn have an uncountable number of moons.

What Makes The Hydrosphere?

The total quantity of water that the planet holds makes the hydrosphere. It consists of the water that is on the top of the earth, beneath the earth, and also present in the air and it can be in any form. As we all know, water exists in different forms like the ocean, rivers, lakes, and also underground. 

The maximum amount of water content present on earth is found in the oceans. However, it is important to note that the water is not just found in the same form. It rather keeps on changing as it undergoes the process of the hydrological cycle. It can appear in the form of vapor, snow, ice, and rain. The hydrosphere also contributes to controlling the temperature and the climatic conditions of the planet.

What Makes The Biosphere?

The biosphere is where living organisms can be found. It starts from the roots of the trees to the dense green forest, the snow-capped high mountain and so many more. It is made up of all living creatures including flora, fauna, and other one-cell creatures. However, the maximum number of living organisms live in the part that starts from 3 meters below the ground level to 30 meters above the ground. Whereas organisms living in the water are found about 200 meters below the surface.

But there are some organisms who live in parts of the earth which are far away from the above-mentioned ranges like birds and microorganisms. Such creatures are better known to live in parts which are far beyond these ranges.

Relationship Between Biosphere And Hydrosphere

Know Everything About Biosphere And Hydrosphere
Know Everything About Biosphere And Hydrosphere

Both biosphere and hydrosphere are dependent on each other for survival. Hydrosphere provides water to the organisms of the biosphere so that they grow and flourish. Without water, no living organism can survive in this world. Man and animals need water to drink, fish need water to survive their life.

Not just the biosphere and hydrosphere but all four spheres are related to each other. It has been proven that the impacts of any event that happens in one sphere can be seen in the other three as well. For instance, any natural calamity that occurs on the lithosphere can cause an impact on all other spheres.

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