Issues Regarding the Environment in the United States

environmental issues in the u.s

Environmental issues are a major challenge to human life and existence. The impact of these issues on human health and societies around the world is considerable. Human beings are affected directly by environmental issues through the degradation of ecosystems, floods, drought, storm, disease, etc. They indirectly cause damage to the environment through consumption of resources like petroleum, coal, natural gas, water, etc.

Environmental Issues Are Major Barriers For Development

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Since it affects the economic prosperity and stability of a country, urgent attention has to be focused on the reduction of environmental issues to strengthen fragile countries in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. The major contributors to environmental issues in the U.S. are climate change, fuel, freshwater, land-based wildlife, air and water quality, pesticides, toxic chemicals, invasive species and poaching. Despite the adoption of many policies aimed at controlling the causes of environmental issues, the rate of environmental issues continues to increase globally, rather than reducing.

Recent scientific studies have highlighted the seriousness of global warming. A report presented at a UN Environment conference in 1999 said that “by the year 2021, about one inch of rain could disappear each day due to increased water stress, rising temperatures and changes in the distribution of the food chain.” Global warming is one of the most critical environmental issues facing humanity today. It poses severe threats to ecosystems, biodiversity, natural resources, human health and economic stability. Many in the scientific community regard global warming as a potential threat to the existence of human life on earth.

Global Warming Cannot Be Ignored

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The need to address global warming in a serious manner cannot be ignored. This is because it has the potential to escalate into an emergency situation. According to political leadership, action must be taken as soon as possible to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to meet the U.S target of carbon dioxide emissions per year. However, despite the adoption of various policies aimed at controlling the causes of environmental issues in the U.S., pollution is expected to continue to increase. In fact, there is little evidence that reduction in emissions can slow down global warming.

Other Environmental Issues In The U.S

There are a number of environmental issues in the U.S. that are being considered by Washington as it tries to address global warming and the increasing levels of air pollution. One of the most prominent environmental issues facing the U.S. is water pollution. Studies have indicated that the pollution of rivers, streams, lakes and water bodies can threaten their food supply.

Last Words

Environmental issues are affecting all aspects of life in the U.S., both on a national and a global scale. Efforts to address environmental problems are currently underway in several key areas, including: energy efficiency, food conservation and waste management, water conservation, endangered species protection, toxic waste storage, and toxic air pollution. The Federal Communication Commission is considering passing legislation that would impose tougher regulations on phone companies over their use of advertising. Another proposal calls for a fee for telecommunication companies that use 800 numbers to advertise. Changes in personal lifestyle and purchasing habits are also being considered as a way to reduce environmental issues in the U.S.

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