Issues Concerning Environmental Management in Chile

chile environmental issues

Do you think that environmental problems are still small or are they getting bigger day by day? This article covers various environmental issues in Chile with emphasis on tourism and agriculture. Environmental issues have become a major concern for many Chileans. In fact, many have taken it as their main mission to save the environment from being destroyed completely.

Caused By The Use Of Mineral-Based Materials

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Environmentally speaking, environmental issues are mostly caused by the use of mineral-based materials like aluminum, tin, and potash. These materials are heavily used in the manufacturing of concrete and metal products. As a result, their emissions cause air pollution. They pollute the soil and water supply. They also create dangerous soil conditions and smog. The negative effects of these chemical ingredients may seem insignificant but collectively, they have significantly worsened the already problematic situation.

Tourism Plays An Important Role

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Tourism is one of the main economic drivers of Pinot Grigio vineyards. However, the growing demand for tourism has led to an increase in organic cotton production. The resulting effect is that more soil is contaminated with pesticides and herbicides. This practice, if continued, will seriously endanger the natural environment. Therefore, the responsibility of everyone involved in the tourism industry and in the vineyard-landscaping project, must be considered and implemented with due concern to preserve the environment.

One way of preserving the environment is through involvement in community projects. The groups that take part in such projects do their best to improve the environment. They reduce the amount of pesticides and herbicides used and try to make the land more fertile. These efforts reduce the risk of soil erosion and promote sustainable agriculture. This in turn helps the farmers to increase their yield, which results in more production and jobs. Through these projects, the environmental issues are also addressed and maintained.

Air Pollution As A Major Issue

Another major problem facing the environment in Chile is air pollution. There have been reports that some cities in Chile have high levels of air pollution. The main culprits of this problem are vehicle fumes, factory emissions and other sources of air pollution. Since these types of pollutants are a leading cause of acid rain, their emission should be reduced in order to preserve the environment.

Bottom Line

It is clear that environmental management in Chile needs careful attention and management. It will not be easy to achieve, but if everyone contributes in order to preserve the environment, we will see a positive result. The transition from conventional to organic agricultural practices and the protection of nature is moving very quickly and we must all do our part to help it happen.

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