Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures

Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures

The anthropogenic component of the greenhouse effect is the result of man’s activities. The most important of these activities is the burning of fossil fuel. The greenhouse effect is a rising concern and the main cause of global warming. Global warming, in turn, creates great havoc that disrupts the natural environment. It also affects the artificial environment created by man. In this article, we will discuss the greenhouse effect causes and the preventive measures that need to be taken to stop them.

Let Us Take A Look Into The Process Of Greenhouse Effect

Men burn fossil fuels for their use. The fossil fuel contains carbons which are released when burnt. The carbon mixes with oxygen in the air to produce carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide forms a layer over the Earth’s atmosphere that traps all the warmer gases in it. This, in turn, increases the temperature of the Earth which is one of the causes of global warming.

Changes in the land are also causes of the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Deforestation releases the carbon dioxide which is previously stored in the soil or in the form of trees and other vegetation. Human beings emit carbon dioxide by burning fossil fuels and by cutting trees for construction purposes. As a result, the carbon dioxide emitted by human beings is the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

The Precursors Of Greenhouse Effect

  • Burning of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels have become an important part of our daily routine. They are the precursors of the greenhouse effect. The increase in population has resulted in an increase in the number of vehicles and the demand for electricity. Thus, pollution has also increased which has resulted in the greenhouse effect.

  • Deforestation

The trees and plants use the carbon dioxide that human beings produce by burning fossil fuels for photosynthesis. If we cut down trees, there will be no plants to utilize the carbon dioxide in the air. Again, when we burn the wood obtained from those trees, carbon dioxide is produced.

Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures
Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures
  • Increase In Population

There has been a huge increase in population over the last few decades. This has led to an increased demand for food, shelter, and clothing. New manufacturing plants have come up in order to meet increased demands. This also means more burning of fossil fuels, thus resulting in the greenhouse effect.

  • Industrial Waste And Landfills

Cement and fertilizer industries along with the ones involved in coal mining and oil extraction activities produce harmful greenhouse gases. Also, landfills full of garbage produce harmful carbon dioxide and methane which add up to the greenhouse effect.

Preventive Measures To Undo The Harm

  • New alternative techniques have been invented to reduce the usage of fossil fuels.
  • The only preventive measure that we can take against deforestation is to not cut down trees. We need to plant more trees to make up for all the trees that we have cut down to restore the Earth to its original health.
  • To suppress all the harm caused by an increased population, human beings need to follow alternative technologies and plant more trees.
  • Industries should install proper waste management technologies. This kind of technology is expensive, but it will help everyone in the long run.
Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures
Greenhouse Effect Causes And Their Preventive Measures

The greenhouse effect causes the Earth to enter a heating cycle. According to scientists, if the Earth does not cool down within a few hundred years, it is possible that future generations will not be able to survive on Earth. This is a long time away, but we should think about the generations to follow.

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