Green Power

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All renewable energy sources like solar, wind, geothermal, hydropower and ocean energy are sustainable as they are stable and available in plenty. Energies are sustainable if it does not harm the environment and uses natural non-toxic, non-polluting resources. Any energy that is sustainable has to have a renewable source. Solar, wind, and hydro are sustainable energies. This is because the sun, wind, and water are their sources. Since wind, sun and water are all natural sources found in abundance, they are known as the ultimate green power.

Some Common Green Power Sources

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Green Power

Wind Energy

Wind energy is sustainable because it uses the motion of the wind which creates energy. The motion of the wind is currently limitless so wind energy is very sustainable. A machine called as windmill converts said energy. The windmill has many parts to it. Wind energy is a green power that harnesses electricity of strong winds through a turbine. Only countries with strong winds can use this energy. Countries like the Netherlands, Denmark, U.S.A, India, Germany, France, The U.K, and China, etc.

Wind energy uses windmills, a device which has blades which move because of the air. The moving blade moves a generator. This is mechanical energy. The generated energy, then, goes through transmission lines and transmission towers.

Hydro Energy

Hydro energy harnesses electricity from rivers. There are two types of rivers, perennial and seasonal, Perennial rivers are year-round while seasonal only occur every monsoon. Hydro energy is a green power because water keeps coming and going and it is always available, thanks to the Water Cycle.

Geothermal Energy

Geothermal energy is found underground. Through the pressure and heat of rocks, gravel, and boulders, this form of energy has a lot of stored energy that we can harness. The heat comes from the core of the earth. Geothermal energy uses heat found inside of atoms and electrons, therefore, it is sustainable.

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Green Power

A Look Into Bio-Fuel — The Green Power Which Can Replace Fossil Fuels

Bioenergy is reusable energy produced by living organisms. It is essentially sunlight stored in any biomass. For E.g sugar cane, wood, meat, oakwood, rosewood, used banana peel, apple crumble, eggshells, vegetables, fruits. This also includes food, fruits, vegetable peels, flower, and other organically decomposable/degradable material. This does not include materials like cans, bottles, plastic, wood, glass, clothing paper, coal, oil, natural gas, and metals. 

Obviously, BioFuels can generate energy. But there is more to it. BioFuel is like a substitute for fossil fuels. There is typically 2 main uses of bio-fuel. Making ethanol and biodiesel. Typically BioFuel is not used on its own. It is mixed with something. Motorised vehicles, which are vehicles that run by burning down fossil fuel can, now, use Biofuels, since biofuels are flammable and that is why biofuel is the best.

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