Green Mountain Energy Rates – How to Compare Energy Rates in Vermont

green mountain energy rates

Green Mountain Energy has been in the business for over forty years, serving customers all over Colorado and New Mexico. The company was started by two brothers, Bruce and Steve Baran, who felt that they could help create a better world. They invested their personal savings together to start the company in 1974 with only a few dollars and changed it into a successful company. It is one of the first companies in the United States to use clean energy technology and to profit from this technology. They provide both long and short term renewable energy plans to their customers.

If you were to calculate average gas and electricity rates in the United States, you would find that the cost of running a home or business can range anywhere from two to six dollars per kilowatt-hour. But, there are other costs to consider as well. You need to consider the effect that rising prices have on the value of your home and to consider the effect that rising temperatures have on the quality of your air. For these reasons, many people have turned to green mountain energy rates to compare how much they will be paying.

Several Company Plans

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The company offers several plans for residential customers. One plan, called the Premier Plan, is designed for homeowners and provides a low monthly rate as well as a discount for commercial building owners. The other plan, called the Standard Plan, provides an affordable monthly rate for customers that want to use renewable energy and will generate power on site. Both plans provide the same service and can be used to build a solar hot water system, a green mountain energy electric generating system, or both. Customers can also take advantage of their state-of-the-art technologically capable green power transmission line that sends power to businesses and homes.

One way is to offer a carbon offset program. Customers that choose to participate will be provided with a free matching service if they choose to install green power generating equipment at their facilities. This equipment will not only reduce or eliminate power outages, but it will also produce enough energy over the course of a year to completely eliminate any carbon emissions from powering the facility. The goal of this carbon offset program is to not only help offset the cost of generating green power, but also to help the facility run more efficiently and save customers money by reducing their overall energy costs.

Other Great Features

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A number of other features are also available on the Green Mountain electricity plans. These include a solar energy plan and a zero pollution free plan. The solar energy plan offers customers the option to generate power directly from solar energy. The solar energy plan also provides customers the option to sell excess electricity back to the electricity company. This allows customers to receive money each month for selling back their excess energy to the power company without having to worry about making monthly payments.

Another feature of the green mountain energy electricity plans is the zero pollution free plan. This plan requires customers to generate no excess energy, so if the energy produced does not add to the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere, the electricity company will not charge any taxes or fees. While this may seem like a good idea, it does little to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere, but it does reduce the amount of money an individual pays to use renewable sources of energy.

Getting Detailed Information

When a person purchases the Green Mountain Energy plans, they will receive a receipt at the time of purchase that will provide them with detailed information on how much power their residential solar panels can potentially produce over a fifteen day period. These solar panels have been designed to work in harmony with wind turbines, which can be installed on-site. Both types of renewable energy can co-exist peacefully on-site.

Although both types of renewable energy can potentially reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emissions being released into the atmosphere, the biggest impact is likely going to be from the installation of the solar panels. As more people begin to install these solar panels, the less power they will generate, and the less power the power company will need to produce the grid-side electricity.

Final Verdict

Green Mountain Energy has been successful in offering a unique home energy saving package for its customers. They have achieved this by providing competitive renewable electricity rates coupled with great customer service. With this customer service package, every Green Mountain Energy customer is guaranteed the opportunity to earn up to $7500 every month, based upon how much energy they consume. If a customer consumes more energy than they are able to produce, they will receive a discount on their bill.

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