Green Earth Vegan Cuisine

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Isn’t it a big relief to find a restaurant that serves vegan food? Well, if you are a vegan, it is a matter of utmost joy to find a good restaurant that serves the purpose of serving tasty and delicious vegan food. If you haven’t found such a vegan restaurant yet, then your search is over now. We have found the best vegan restaurant for you. Green Earth Vegan restaurant will give all the pleasures to your taste buds. You will surely fall with everything Green Earth vegan cuisine has to offer. The only sad part about Green Earth vegan cuisine is that they aren’t located everywhere and only are at limited places. However, let’s know more about them. 

History Of Green Earth Vegan Restaurant

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Green Earth Vegan restaurant is a family-owned restaurant that is maintaining the legacy of its ancestral patronage. The origin of the Green Earth Vegan restaurant is the result of a deep-rooted passion for vegetarian cooking. It aims to share with all how healthy, hearty, exciting, and tasty vegan food can be. Veganism is gaining popularity day by day. However, still, if we calculate the average of vegan people, they fall behind the non-vegetarian people. It is one of the prime reasons that it is hard to find a good vegan restaurant. But, Green Earth Vegan restaurant is one of the best franchises to satisfy your vegan tooth. Their vision is to show compassion towards animals. The name of the restaurant has originated from the idea of effectively reducing one’s carbon footprints from the mother earth. However, at present, there are only two Green Earth Vegan restaurants which are located in Toronto and Pasadena.

Green Earth Vegan Cuisine Menu

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We know that you are waiting to look at the menu of the Green Earth Vegan Cuisine. Let us give you the names of the dishes that are surely not to be missed while visiting a Green Earth Vegan restaurant.

  • Steamed Dumplings

It is filled with carrots, soy protein, celery, cabbage, etc.

  • Quinoa sushi

This exotic dish consists of organic white and red quinoa with cucumber, carrots, alfalfa sprouts, avocado, etc.

  • Spring Rolls

Spring rolls are filled with textured vegetable protein, fresh mint, lettuce, vermicelli, and cucumber.

  • Vegetable Teriyaki and Broccoli
  • Eggplant medley
  • Sweet and sour sensation
  • Three flavors
  • Seared tofu with lemongrass
  • Indian curry tofu
  • Curry fried rice
  • Lasagne DivVerdure
  • Chowmein
  • Fettuccine Alfredo
  • Penne Tirrene
  • Authentic Hue Noodle soup
  • Fish tacos
  • Steak sandwich
  • Jackfruit tacos, etc.

Time To Dive In Vegan Cuisines

You can place your order online at Green Earth Vegan Cuisine restaurant. Please note that their estimated delivery time is approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour and 15 minutes. Also, they only deliver until 8:30 pm. You can also make a reservation by picking a time, date, and party size at any of the Green Earth Vegan Cuisine restaurants. It is the best place to find vegan multi-cuisines from all around the world. Also, the prices for all the food items are so reasonable that you will fall in love with each and every item on their list.

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