Going Green: Help Save The Environment

Leaping by living an environmentally friendly lifestyle can improve the way you live by making you healthy in your entire life. Have you thrown away all the chemicals, junk foods, unhealthy practices, and bad habits? Adding and doing all of these can make a better you while protecting our environment and the ecosystem. Wherever you are, you can apply these easy life hacks by going green. Take a look at this article for a greener future. 

Avoid Using Plastics Bags

Going Green: Help Save The Environment
Going Green: Help Save The Environment

Although plastic bags can give you great convenience for wet goods, it can be detrimental to the environment. There are a billion tons of plastic shopping bags that are being used in the US each year. Only 1 to 3% of it is recycled. Imagine where the others go? It is a huge waste, much of it goes in the wild. Get yourself a trendy canvass bag instead of using plastic bags when you go shopping.

Wrap Gifts Using A Cloth

We are fond of using a wrapping paper during Christmas or even attending birthday parties and greeting cards. It can be recycled, but it would be a great help for the environment if you purchase a fancy fabric or simply use old cloth from your wardrobe. Grab some of your mom’s old scarf and use it as a ribbon.

Slow Down

You can cut down the use of fuel by slowing down on your speed from 70 mph to 40 mph. You can save money on your wallet, as well as the environment. Aside from that, there will be a low chance of fatality if you encounter road accidents. 

Turn Off The Faucet

Going Green: Help Save The Environment
Going Green: Help Save The Environment

You can save water by turning off the faucet while washing the dishes, washing your face, or brushing your teeth. One hack is to fill up a glass with water or get a bowl of water. You can conserve water and your money as well!

Rechargeable Batteries

There are billions of batteries produced every year which are thrown away when drained. Investing in rechargeable batteries will not harm your money. However, you can buy in bulk along with a charger. You can have an eco-friendly power source. 

Paperless Bills And Paperworks

Some companies offer paperless billing nowadays. However, you can do this as well. Simply download the necessary phone applications to track your online statements, whether it is bank or utilities. Travel plans and documents also apply without the need to print your plane tickets. Simply show it using your phone or iPad!

Turn Off Your PC or Laptop

You might be using your PC or laptop the whole day, whether for work or research. Simply turning it off at night can help you save energy. It will reflect on your monthly bill. Also, try turning off other peripherals like monitor, scanner, or printer too. 

Boil A Little Amount Of Water

Some would say that filling up the entire kettle and boiling it can save you energy, but it is not! It takes longer to boil and uses more electricity. One tip that can help you is to use a thermos flask. It can keep your water hot the entire day.

Meat-Free Days 

Cut back on eating meat will save you money, reduces the chance of having life-threatening diseases like a heart attack or high blood pressure, and environmental changes. Most of the lands nowadays are being used to raise farm animals or to grow them for food. Simply cutting down on consuming meat products can alleviate the needs and may lessen the use of land. After deciding, search some meat-free recipes online and enjoy eating fruits and vegetables instead. 

Going Green: Help Save The Environment
Going Green: Help Save The Environment

Water Ripple!

While lying on your bed, have you heard noises from your toilet? Maybe your faucet is leaking, and there is a non-stop dripping. Little we do know, a thousand gallons of water are wasted every year because of leaking faucets. Do you want it fixed? Get help from your plumber and have him search for the problem. It will help cut down your expenses, and people will thank you later for not wasting water. 

Charge Your Phone In No Time

In this modern-day era, it is hard to go anywhere without our smartphone. What can we do if we are running out of battery? You can prevent this from happening by simply putting your phone in airplane mode. It doesn’t matter what brand your smartphone is. You can do this hack. The next time your smartphone in on the verge of death, turn on the airplane mode and watch how slow your battery is draining. It also helps you save energy.


Enjoy the simple and natural things that our environment gives us. Not only humans can benefit from it, but almost all the living things that exist that help in balancing the ecosystem.

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