Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?

Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?

Green energy is the future of the Earth. The important part is that this type of energy usually has a lesser impact on the environment than the non-renewable ones. The non-renewable energy radiates harmful gases like carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases. And these ultimately leads to climate change. And climate change in return hampers the planet.

It creates adverse effects like rise in sea level, melting of snow and ice sheet. It also increases heat to a great extent. Not just that, to find fossil fuels, the planet has to undergo either mining or drilling. And these methods are not very environment-friendly.

Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?
Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?

Talking about green energy, it uses resources that are abundantly available covering the planet. Instead of fossil fuels, green energy can be used to generate electricity, and most importantly as fuel for vehicles.

Researchers have done a lot of study on renewable energy. They have introduced many new technologies. Green energy can replace fossil fuel with the help of these techniques. However, there are different kinds of renewable energy. Let’s discuss a few of them.

What Are The Different Kinds Of Green Energy?

Green Energy: Solar Power 

People use solar energy the most than others. It can be generated with the help of photovoltaic cells. They use sunlight as energy and preserve them. Then this energy is used to produce electricity Solar energy is also a source of natural lighting and people can also make food using it.

Green Energy: Wind Power 

Who could have imagined that the wind that blows on the earth can do such wonders? Yes! Wind can push turbines and the stronger wind is the more it produces energy. High-altitude places are the best ones to capture the strong wind.


The existing water on the planet helps to generate hydropower. Hydroelectric energy is the other name for hydropower. The precipitation level should be high to produce hydropower.

Geothermal Energy

Inside the earth’s crust, there is a good amount of thermal energy. To produce electricity, people can use this type of energy. North America has found out that it has massive amounts of geothermal energy.

Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?
Know About Green Energy And What Are The Types?


Researchers have found out that we can change waste materials from nature like agricultural waste into energy. This type of energy will produce fewer greenhouse gases than fossil fuels as the energy from the sun that can be used later on.


To conclude we, humans, and our activities have been affecting the planet’s ecosystem. We are using the nonrenewable resources to satisfy our needs without giving a second thought about future generations. Switching to renewable energy will help us overcome the challenge of depleting resources.

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