Ever-Green Energy Review

ever-green energy

Ever-Green Energy is a corporation based out of Fort Collins, Colorado. The corporation develops, manufactures and innovates renewable energy projects. The corporation owns and operates an active heat and power generating plant and a chilled water energy production system. The corporation also conducts an energy education program for elementary school students.

Twenty-four Renewable Energy Projects 

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At the present time Ever-Green Energy has twenty-four renewable energy projects under contract. These projects have implemented carbon sequestration and are reducing the carbon footprint we all share. These renewable energy projects have reduced emissions by over eighty percent compared to historical data. Twenty-four of the projects are located in the Pacific Northwest and the Eastern Slope of North America. Sixteen of the projects are located in Oregon and California.

Projects associated with Ever-Green Energy’s Carbon Neutral Energy Platform (CEAP) include the creation of the Energy Source Northwest (ES northwest). The ES northwest project uses a combination of hydroelectric power, biomass, solar power, geothermal and tidal power. The SE Portland project will build the largest demonstration power generator on the west coast. The Augusta site plans to generate thirty-four megawatts of electric power and employ two hundred environmentally friendly workers. The Augusta site is partnered with the Department of Energy, Oregon’s largest electric provider.

Promote Clean Coal Technology

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Ever-Green Energy collaborates with fossil fuel providers to promote clean coal technology. To promote the use of non-polluting and renewable power, the corporation supports the Clean Power Plan, also known as the Energy bill. The corporation also supports cap and trade legislation, which will eliminate energy producing pollutants from coal burning power plants.

Ever-Green Energy is a part of the Energy Answers Network, a collaboration of businesses and government agencies that promote clean energy efficient facilities. The corporations in this partnership are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the efficiency of energy delivery, and eliminating storage and use of fossil fuels. The Energy Answers Network operates a web site, which provides information about green building and modern energy technology. This web site also provides news and articles on green building, green manufacturing, and green energy.

Ever Renewable Energy Initiative

The Ever-Green Energy project is a part of the broader initiative of the EERE (EVER renewable energy initiative), which is a collaboration between numerous groups. Among the various groups in the initiative are state, federal, and local agencies, as well as various utility companies. The initiative is funded through federal tax credits, and some states have additional financial incentives for renewable energy projects. The projects promote cleaner energy by reducing greenhouse gases and other air pollutants and by using renewable electrical power generated by renewable resources. The projects are based on the following ideas: Using captured heat to produce electricity; using natural and fossil fuel sources to generate electricity; using wind to produce electricity; using solar panels to generate electricity and heating; and using waterfalls, and fountains to generate heat and water.

 Final Words

With its goal of producing renewable power, Ever-Green Energy believes in a “greener” earth and a better future for everyone. It has already contributed towards many conservation and environmental projects. For instance, the company has contributed towards helping to save the Alaska Redfish by creating homes for them on remote farms. The homes are made using renewable building materials and are environmentally friendly and environmentally sound, and the company is working to launch more projects in the future.

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