Environmental Issues In China Which Are Affecting The Country And The Globe 

environmental issues of china

Meta Description: This article will give you an detailed insight of the environmental issues in China that is affecting the country as well as the neighbouring nations.

The country with the biggest population in the whole world, China has been facing different environmental issues. However, they have come up with solutions to some of the problems too. As we have seen, China has experienced a considerable amount of growth in economic status in the recent decade, but the problem about environmental issues is still not solved completely. Environmental issues costed them with many problems like reducing the fertility of the soil, air and water pollution, etc. Some resources say that China has already reduced its natural resources to the core and further reduction may cause economic destruction.

China’s environmental issues include some internal edges like its greenhouse emission which is a global concern and loss of biodiversity. Some of the issues also affect the neighbouring countries like acid rain produced in China travelled to Japan or Korea. A famous issue is China investing in Taiwan which is considered a dirty industry. The foreign investment must be taken to notice. The effect on the population is very serious. Facts say that more than 300000 people die due to air pollution and many millions due to unhealthy, contaminated water they drink.

The Chinese Government On Environmental Issues 

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The Chinese government was influenced to show a raised level of concern towards environmental issues in China and the achievement of sustainable growth because of the harmful effects of climate change. After 2007, polluting industries continued to obtain cheap access to land, oil, electricity, water, and loans from a bank, while marketing measures, such as taxes on coal and fuel, were ignored by the government despite their confirmed success in other countries. In 2014, China modified its protection laws to help to battle pollution and offset environmental harm in the country.

In 2019, it inaugurated the Belt and Road initiative International Green Development Coalition, a strategy adopted to invest in almost 70 countries and worldwide organizations.

In September 2020, Xi Jinping, the general secretary of the Chinese Communist Party, declared openly that China will enhance its 2030 climate target (NDC), maximum emissions before the year 2030, and goals to attain carbon neutrality before the year 2060. On 27th September, China’s scientists showed some detailed plans on how to achieve their target.

Major Environmental Issues In China 

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• Water Resources- Most of the water resources in China are contaminated and polluted. The increased pollution resulted in increasing water demand. China took some measures to solve the issue. For example, they build out a water tank as fast as possible, underground water was initiated more and they even analysed some technological solutions for it.

• Deforestation-Due to the increasing number of industries, the forest cover in China has decreased by 6.1% in the last ten years. 

• Land pollution- One of the major factors for environmental problems. Desertification has always been a problem in China as it contains more area than any farmland.

In 2001, the “Green Wall of China” project was introduced for this problem.

• Climate Change: China experiences the most adverse c look climate changes. However, the position of the government is controversial. 

In The End

There are many other problems like animal welfare, pollution, populations, energy efficiency, etc. All the problems were not considered serious before, but the environmental issues nowadays are making everyone concerned. Hence the government is also taking different initiatives and using strategies to find the solutions. Hopefully, good days are not far away. 

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