Environmental Issues – A Concern For Future Habitat

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We live on the planet earth. Everything found on this planet is made up of living and non-living surroundings. These surroundings together constitute our environment. Moreover, the geographical space in which we live is also known as an environment. Have you ever thought about protecting your environment? Humans, gradually, protect ever minute thing that belongs to him/her, but on the other hand, never cares about protecting its environment. This kind of careless attitude that the human possesses nowadays is causing environmental issues.    

Humans do not understand that every activity to make their life easy has its side effects on the environment. It affects the natural balance between humankind and the environment due to unfavorable changes. Hence maintaining a balance is essential. Therefore, we define environmental issues as the resultant of the adverse changes in the surroundings due to human activities, causing an imbalance in the natural environment.     

Common Environmental Issues  

The environmental issues include both physical and biological aspects of the environment. Thus, depending on these aspects, the most common environmental problems are:  

1) Global Warming:

Global warming is a physical phenomenon of ecological issues. The effect of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere is known as global warming. It is the concentrated gas from automobiles, massive metal factories, etc., causing depletion in the greenhouse effect.
The consequences of carbon dioxide emissions are disastrous for human health. They are likely to be disturbing and devastating, resulting in the melting of glaciers and making oceans warm.   

Environmental Issues - A Concern For Future Habitat
Environmental Issues – A Concern For Future Habitat

2) Deforestation:

Deforestation is a situation wherein forests are cut down to make extra space for the human to live. This is mainly because of the excess of social pressure and more need for commercial land. All this together causes an imbalance in the environment, resulting in a significant environmental issue.
Nowadays, deforestation is becoming a growing concern. Moreover, social workers are also spreading awareness about the importance of forests and the increasing rate of deforestation. This helps in safeguarding the symbiotic relationship between humans and ecology.  

3) Depletion Of Ozone Layer:

Ozone is the oxygen layer at the height of 20 – 30 km in the sky of the earth’s surface. The ozone layer helps in protecting the planet from the ultraviolet radiation of the sun rays. Thus, the increase in pollution is causing the depletion of this ozone layer.
If this layer thins or disappears, the life of living on earth will be a question mark because no ozone layer means no oxygen. Have you heard about a human experiencing life without oxygen is possible? I guess the answer will surely be no. Hence, the protection of the ozone layer is essential.  

Besides this, there are many other environmental issues like climate change, greenhouse effect, pollution, desertification, loss of biodiversity, waste disposal methods, etc. The above – mentioned are the issues that affect the balance and increases distortion in the life of human species and the environment.   

Ways To Control Environmental Issues  

We are facing critical environmental issues which are resulting in putting the life of the humans at risk. Thus, the means to control it are:  

Environmental Issues - A Concern For Future Habitat
Environmental Issues – A Concern For Future Habitat
  1. Replace:
    The word replace itself is self-explanatory. It means that to save human life on earth, humans need to return disposable items with biodegradable items or reusable items. For instance, the use of a plastic bottle. Instead of a one-time use plastic bottle, one can replace it with a water bottle.   
  2. Recycle:
    Recycling habits are essential. If implemented in our daily life, it helps in reducing the land waste and saving the living habitats from the harmful effects of pollution and global warming.  
  3. Reuse:
    The practice of reuse helps in saving the earth’s surface from non-degradable waste and reducing land pollution as well.   

Although these methods take time, the effect of protecting the environment is long-lasting. With the on-going situation of imbalance, it is high time for humans to protect and prevent an imbalance in the background. 

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