Current Environmental Issues That Need To Be Focused Upon This Season

current environmental issues

With the changing times, there are many issues which are increasing day by day. The level of issues may be of different intensities but are affecting the environment. Environmental issues are increasing day by day. One of the biggest factor concerns in the Current Environmental Issues is global warming. The process slowly and steadily is making and creating harmful effects on the environment like the rising temperature, which is leading to decreasing of glacier caps which on hand is leading to increased water level. With the increase of technology, the level of concerns to the environment cannot be on denial terms. With this, it is very important to control and be aware of problems and generate efficient solutions.

Current Environmental Issues

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The increasing techno aspects have led to certain changes in the environment. With this, the first one is pollution. Pollution can be many types like noise, water, air, radioactive but these all are interlinked and harm equally to the environment. The industrial and motor vehicle is one of the biggest pollutants of the environment.

On the other hand, the problem of population is on the surge. With the problem, the problem of home, shelter, and employment is also increasing. Due to the high intensive problem of inc reading food demand is degrading the soil.

The extensive use of natural resources is leading to the depletion of natural resources. Resources like coal, petrol, minerals are increasing demand are making the resources decline, and these resources need years to replenish.

The oceans due to the improper disposal of wastes are leading to an increase in the acid level of water. Due to the acidification of the ocean, sea life is affected a lot. The oil spill incidents have halted the level of certain sea animals.

Due to the increase of pollution, the public health issues are highly increased. Due to the consumption of infected water, many diseases are caused. The water bodies when not treated well leads to certain health hazards like malaria, dengue.

What To Do Now

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The above-mentioned problems are just small outlook but the factors which are also leading to environmental issues are causes to these problems. Technological waste or e-waste is the biggest problem which is needed to be taken care of. The population problem should be taken care of by practicing family planning techniques. The waste needs to be treated properly so it may not cause factors of pollution. While disposing of the waste should be properly treated.

The government should make proper policies to make sure the minerals to be extracted in proper and quantity as per need. With the biggest way to deforestation, the practice of afforestation should be made in time.

The natural resources should be replenished with corrective and efficient manners. The greenhouse gases need to be immediately controlled to help the ozone layer deplete control. 

What To Expect in Future

With the current level of environmental issues if not controlled we can have some harmful effects to be considered.

The uppermost pure soil due to agricultural practices may be destroyed.

Spaces to surge and live will get over.

Pollution may lead to developing new and incurable viruses which can be health hazardous.

The average age of living may decrease.

The pure water crises.

Wars and crises due to human needs and fulfillment. 


The past may not be in our hands but the present and future are in our hands. It is very important to improve our present to make our future secure. The level of environmental crises needs to be controlled and taken care of.

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