Conservation Of Energy

Conservation Of Energy: 6 Advantages

Conservation of energy states that energy can neither be broken nor be created. It can only be converted from one energy form to another. This is also called the first law of thermodynamics; Julius Robert Mayer in 1842.

The benefits of the conservation of energy are numerous. It can be helpful for Economic, personal reasons.

Conservation Of Energy: 6 Advantages
Conservation Of Energy: 6 Advantages

6 Advantages Of Conservation Of Energy Are:

1. To Reduce Utility Bills

The use of Energy Efficient Appliances can help you save your utility bills. Nowadays there are many electrical appliances which come with energy-efficient built-in system. Energy-efficient applicances consume less energy. It helps you save a lot of monthly expenses. Consequently, it saves money.

2. Protects The Wildlife, Good For The Environment

It reduces the harmful smoke that leads to air pollution. This smoke can come from heavy machinery, power station, and vehicles. The mining of coal and nuclear power accidents is extremely harmful to wildlife.

3. For Healthy Living

Conservation of energy helps to promote good health in human beings. Pollution is the main cause of serious health problems like asthma and heart disease. It helps to get rid of these health problems.

4. To Help Future Generations: Conservation Of Energy

By the conservation of energy, we can help our future generations. Providing affordable energy. Our energy resources are finite. Our planet is not able to create additional energy resources like coal and uranium.

5. To Reduce Noise And Air Pollution

It helps to reduce air and noise pollution. It will lead to the construction of fewer power plants. These power plants have many disadvantages like air pollution, noise pollution. They can cause major respiratory problems. Wind Energy systems like turbines can kill birds that fly into them. Consequently, it decreases the amount of these problems.

6. To Save Water: Conservation Of Energy

Hydropower plants need a massive amount of water for the generation of energy. If we Conserve water these plants will require less energy. We need to conserve water, clean water and make it free from pollution.

The Examples Of Conservation Of Energy Are:

To conclude we can say that if we do not save the energy we are inviting host of problems not only for us, but also for our future generations.

Additionally here are two things that you can take note of and understand how energy can be conserved not only at a higher scale as in case of first example, but also even at smaller scale in our home

Conservation Of Energy: 6 Advantages
Conservation Of Energy: 6 Advantages
  • When water falls from the sky it gets converted from potential energy to kinetic energy. The turbine of a generator rotates by this energy and produces electricity. Water in a dam has potential energy, turned into kinetic energy by this process and further into electric energy.
  • We can save energy by closing our tap when not in use.  A running tap wastes six liters of water in a minute. When using a dishwasher selecting short low-temperature cycles will save a lot of energy unless the clothes are really dirty. Finally, it helps in saving our planet.
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