Best Reusable Tea Bags to Invest In

reusable tea bags

We can join some of the world’s more discerning and more environmentally friendly tea drinkers and eschew the single-use tea bag altogether. We can accomplish this by kitting ourselves up with reusable tea bags and strainers. To speed that process, here is our list of the twenty-two best reusable tea bags and strainers.

1. Simple Ecology – Best Reusable Straining Bag.

This cotton muslin bag meets GOTS standards (Global Organic Textile Standards) as a certified organic fabric. It is incredibly durable and will not rip and spill the insides no matter how hot you get the tea water. It comes in four sizes. The only drawback to this seemingly perfect loose tea strainer is the feeling we have that we should dedicate our cotton tea bags to a single purpose. On the other hand, we can also use these reusable tea bag strainers for many different purposes that have little to do with teatime. These include straining milk and yogurt; amongst other uses, you may come across in meal and drink preparation.

2. Finum Stainless Steel Brewing Basket.

This small mesh basket has a lid that maintains a warm water temperature. The basket is dishwasher safe. It’s a stainless steel micromesh through which no self-respecting tea leaves would dare escape. The filter, by the way, never gets too hot to the touch or to handle. Of course, at the same time, stands up to the hight temperatures of boiling water. The basket comes in four colors: black, green, red, and blue. The only apparent negative is the hard plastic ends of the basket. Perhaps the recognition that, even with the plastic, you’re achieving zero waste tea drinking, it might be okay. At least you won’t be needing any of those plastic-laden tea bags anymore.

3. Ecurfu Silicone Tea Bags.

This choice is actually a set of six reusable BPA-free silicone tea bags. After use, you can clean the reusable tea bags using warm soapy water—or you can just put them in the dishwater. This eliminates any concern about leftover loose leaf tea remaining in the reusable bags or the bags getting moldy. With six reusable tea bags of different colors, you can go through the week while letting the previous bags you used dry.

4. Cotton Tea Bags with Drawstring

These handmade loose tea strainer bags by the owner of Beantown Tea and Spices have received loads of 5-star customer reviews for their Etsy shop. You likely can’t go wrong when you pick these muslin cotton tea bags with a drawstring casing. You can also grab one of their lovely tea blends to accompany your bag purchase. Two reusable tea bag sizes are available to suit a big cup or the larger for a large teapot.

5. Reusable Tea Bags with Cute Tags

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Another handmade item from a smaller Etsy seller, these cute reusable tea bags made from cotton come with colorful fabric tags. Packaged in reused or upcycled materials, the seller points out that these bags also make good for coffee alongside your preferred loose tea selection. You can choose a colorway for your cotton tea bags when you buy or wait eagerly for a lucky dip.

These are the best reusable tea bags to invest in.

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