Best Reusable Gift Bags

reusable gift bags

Reusable gift bags, as the name suggests, can be used again and again. These help you to reduce paper water and reduce your carbon footprint. Here are some of the best reusable gift bags you can consider using.

BEST OF THE BEST – Appleby Lane Reusable Fabric Gift Bags

These adorable reusable gift bags earn first place for their sturdy construction, pleasing aesthetics, and keen attention to detail. Beautifully designed and built to last.

Handmade cotton construction is sturdy and reliable. Classic prints and colors are eye-catching yet elegant. Built-in cinch-tie ribbons and complimentary name tags are a nice touch. Set offers both large and small bags. Washing machine safe. Available in varying sizes and colors. We’d love to see a wider selection of colors and prints.

BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK – EarthWise Reusable Gift and Grocery Bags

A drawing of snow

If you’re heading out to spread the cheer, the large handles on these reusable gift bags will make your job that much easier. Ideal for on-the-go gifting. Large and sturdy enough to hold heavier gifts or multiple smaller items weighing up to 30 pounds. Grocery bag design is easy to carry. Each bag features its own festive phrase and cute print. Wipes clean with a wet cloth. Comes with 6 bags and 2 sizes per set. Affordably priced.

Sides might not stand up by themselves unless the bags are reasonably full.

Rumcent Bling Bling Glossy Reusable Gift Bags

These glossy gift bags come in a variety of solid colors, making them ideal for year-round use. An affordable set of gift bags for average-size items.

Glossy finish with a barely there print is classy and versatile. Roomy enough for medium-size gifts or party favors. Holds a decent amount of weight. Available in rose gold, gold, and silver. Set quantity ranges from 5 to 12, making them ideal for events.

No rigid insert at the base. May not be the best option for heavier gifts.

Erimova Drawstring Gift Bags, 12 Piece

A versatile set of gift bags that includes a wide variety of sizes, prints, and colors. A great option to keep on hand for all occasions or for keeping gifts separate for easy identification.

Natural look with unique prints that stand out from the crowd and allow the bags to be used for storage or organizational purposes later on. Durable enough for years of use. Each bag comes in 3 sizes, ranging from small to medium. Set includes 15 gift cards. Good value for the price.

A handful of owners felt that even the largest size wasn’t quite big enough.

Gift Boutique Giant Reusable Christmas Bags, 6 Piece

If this year’s gifts are larger than life or you have a big family and want to keep things as organized as possible, these giant gift bags are the only way to go. A good fit for jumbo-size gifts or odd shapes.

Large size takes care of awkward gifts you don’t even want to contemplate wrapping. Strong enough to withstand a bit of heft. Comes with 6 bags and 3 kid-friendly prints. Ideal for keeping clutter under the tree to a minimum. Attractive price point.

Fabric isn’t completely opaque and some items might show through.

These are the best reusable gift bags to use.

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