Benefits of Building a House with Green Energy Sources

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Green wood is a trending house construction material used today as it is non-energy intensive, low-cost and do-it-yourself. It not only lets you contribute your bit towards nature, but also reduces your construction costs. Here is why you should use green wood to build a house.

Green wood is unseasoned wood and many are skeptical about using this wood in constructing a house. But, you have got to consider that fresh-from-the-tree wood is only one-fifth to a third as expensive as kiln-dried pine and you also do not have to work hard with it. Green wood also looks stunningly beautiful and absolutely natural.

If you use raw timber for construction, you may face the problem of it shrinking as it dries out. But this problem can be averted with the right construction techniques. Green wood is also organic, non-energy intensive and loads of fun to work with. 

Green Wood is Inexpensive

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You can easily construct a house under $6000 using green wood for a 1800 sq-foot area. Green oak lends itself well to all the conventional construction techniques used for windows, foundations, partitions, doorways and others. For those who are tired of looking at houses with the usual drywall and the veneer paneling, this one feels quite refreshing and natural. 

How to Source Green Wood

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You need to first locate a saw mill. Green lumbar is sold by the board foot and a board foot of green oak costs around 10 cents. You end up saving in thousands because you buy directly from the mill and secondly, you get stronger materials that you will use very less of. You can find plenty of Spruce wood in Colorado and Cyprus in the South. Poplar is also common and so is Californian redwood. 

Is Green Wood Really Green?

It is best to use green wood for construction when it is very green. You don’t have to air-dry the wood. If the sap-laden lumber is stacked and left to sit, then it stains very easily and can also become ugly. Secondly, air drying also needs a lot of time, attention and space. Green oak wood can be cut with less difficulty, bends fewer nails and is nicer to work with after it is seasoned. Green oak is naturally decay resistant, but you can also apply linseed oil to bring out its grain. If you are planning to work with spruce or poplar, you might need some creosote on hand for their preservation.

Inform the Builder

It is also suggested to informed the builder that you are using ungraded lumber. You should also check all the studs, joists, columns and beams of all kinds and also ensure that the lumber is free from splits, cracks or bark sawed into the wood. 


All green wood shrinks. You need to work keeping the shrinkage in mind and try not to fight it. It is important that while designing your home, you incorporate overlapping details into your plans, such that will not allow great gaps to open up in the walls, floor or other surfaces. Do not use boards wider than six inches since such lumber pieces shrink more than the narrow ones.

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