All About EHS Software

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Safety is a crucial aspect of any job. For those that work in hazardous locations, it’s not just an important part of the job, but a matter of life and death. That means EHS software has to be reliable and accurate so workers can feel confident they’re safe. But how do you find a system that’s right for you? This article will help you find out everything about EHS software so your team can have peace of mind on the floor or site.

What to Look for in EHS Software

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An effective EHS software should at least have these three basic components:

1) A customizable hazard checklist based on location, area type, equipment being, etc

2) An easy-to-use hazard reporting system.

3) Automatic alert systems that can be set to certain levels and conditions.

All these components should be easy and intuitive to use, and the software should integrate with all your other business systems, including HSEQ and PPE, as well as be user friendly for all employees across the board. If your selection doesn’t have those features, it may not be right for you or your workers.

1. A customizable hazard checklist based on location, area type, equipment being, etc.

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This is critical to ensuring accurate data entry of hazards present in a job site or work facility. The more fields inputted into this section of the EHS Software program will allow users to accurately report hazards they encounter on the job.

2. An easy to use hazard reporting system

Once hazards have been identified, your workers need an easy way to report these incidents. The reporting system should be intuitive and easy to navigate.

3. Automatic alert systems that can be set to certain levels and conditions

This is especially important for those working in hazardous locations. Employees need to know when a situation has become dangerous and requires their attention. Having an EHS software program with automatic alerts will help keep employees safe and informed on the job site.

When looking for EHS Software, it’s important to find a program that fits your specific needs as a business. By ensuring the software you select has the features outlined above, your team will be able to complete their jobs with added safety, accuracy, and peace of mind.


If you are in the market for EHS software, it is important to understand what type of system best fits your needs. There are many types of software solutions available and they all vary by price, features, or industry requirements. For example, if you work with hazardous materials on a daily basis (like at a refinery), then an EHS management solution that includes consulting services might be more appropriate than one without those added benefits. The goal here is to find the right balance between cost and functionality so that you can keep workers safe while also staying within budget constraints. 

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