Advantages Of Green Earth Recycling Solutions

green earth recycling

With the advancements in technology, engineering, and innovation, there are many remarkable and beneficial changes that altered the daily lives of men. The reliance of men in fossil fuels to power their engines and automobiles made transportation and commute easier. And while it has always been the testament of advanced science and engineering, there can be drawbacks as well.

Among these, of course, is its effects on our environment. It produces green gas emissions that pollute the environment. To respond to this impending environmental adversity, the Green Earth Recycling Solutions (GERS) had taken initiative upon themselves to reduce carbon footprints of individuals and companies alike.

GERS has been active since January 2015. They provide various creative and sustainable recycling services to the automotive and engineering industries. They tailor their services to what their customers need and keep on improving them as time goes by. They also claim to be efficient, reliable, convenient, and trustworthy when it comes to their waste management. Their dedication to lowering their customers’ carbon footprint is admirable. Plus, they supply their customers with custom-made collection containers for their wastes.

Their recycling and waste management covers the following:

Metal Recycling

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Recycling metal is like having mines on land. Scrap metal is not garbage. It is an abundant resource that you can use continuously. It can not be depleted. Recycling scrap metal helps the environment. It consumes less energy and is more efficient than mining and refining raw materials from under the ground.

Cardboard and Plastic Waste Recycling

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Recycling existing materials reduces the immediate need for our limited natural resources. When we recycle cardboard and plastic, it reduces the energy and water used in making brand new ones by 25-50%.

Confidential Waste Management

Confidential waste contains your personal information or identification of you and your business or company. Managing any confidential waste you have helps you and your company keep your documents and data safe from prying eyes.

Hazardous Waste Management

Incorrect disposal of hazardous waste like toxic substances can seep into the soil and contaminate the surrounding land and water habitats. Deciding to dispose of dangerous waste properly reduces numerous health risks and balances wildlife.

Total Waste Management

Total waste management is the handling of wastes from its collection, transportation, up to its disposal. It is a practice from resources reclaimed and concentrates on delaying the exhaustion of natural resources. GERS makes sure that everything they do, from collecting waste until its removal, aligns with environmental and health codes.


In all the reusing, reducing, and recycling fields, Green Earth Recycling Solutions covers everything from the collection up to your wastes’ disposal. Their initiative to reduce the carbon footprint produced by machines and companies reliant on fossil fuels is remarkable. Although realistically speaking, GERS still has a long way to go. But spearheading this environmental project is the first step. Looking at the garbage list that they handle, you can be sure that they will deal with your garbage and recyclables in the swiftest and greenest ways possible.

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