8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era

8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era

The widespread loss of species – plants and animals – and the local loss of species is known as biodiversity loss. The local loss of species might be temporary or permanent. But to date, the global extinction of species has turned out to be irreversible. Even minor changes in the food web can result in the occurrence of such a phenomenon. Also, biodiversity loss can even pose a threat to the human race. In other words, it can adversely affect the food chain and result in co-extinction. In this article, we will discuss the main factors of biodiversity loss. Read along to know more.

Reasons For Biodiversity Loss

Let us take a look into the various factors leading to biodiversity loss.

1. Loss Of Habitat Leads To Biodiversity Loss

As we know, habitat is where the plant or animal spends its life. So, we can see that deforestation and urbanization have led to the loss of habitat for many species. Over 85% of species have been endangered or threatened due to the loss of habitat.

8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era
8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era

2. The Invasion Of A New Species

Generally known as invasive species, these exotic species are intentionally or accidentally introduced by humans in the environment. Human beings sometimes introduce new species This species then becomes comfortable with the atmosphere and poses a threat to the existing species.

3. Urbanization As A Factor Of Biodiversity Loss

The population has been on a rise since the past decade resulting in an increased demand for everything. As a result, there has been over-exploitation of various natural resources. In other words, over-exploitation has posed a threat to wildlife resulting in a widespread loss.

4. Pollution

Biodiversity loss is greatly aided by pollution. Pollutants do not know any boundaries and before we know, they spread across the entire world. Therefore, one misuse of a single pollutant can affect the entire population of a species across the world.

5. Increase In Population

An increase in population means an increase in the requirement of food, shelter, and clothing. This further results in deforestation, exploitation, and over-consumption. The exploitation of natural resources disrupts the environment for plants and animals resulting in untimely death and loss.

6. Global Warming And Greenhouse Effect Aids Biodiversity Loss

The increase in temperature is very harmful to wildlife. Unlike human beings, they do not have various means to protect themselves from weather conditions. This accelerates the rate of further losses in biological diversity.

8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era
8 Major Reasons Of Biodiversity Loss In The Modern Era

7. Poaching & Illegal Trade

The illegal wildlife trade is widespread. Animals are taken for the pet trade or killed for their body parts. Even plants are taken from their natural environment for horticultural and medicinal purposes.

8. Extinction Of Species

Extinction is a part of the natural life-cycle. Many plants and animals have become extinct over the eras and new species have adapted to the environment. The changing environment has resulted in an increased extinction rate.

The Earth is a home to everyone and not just humans. So, it is necessary to take precautionary steps in order to restore the biodiversity balance. If we fail to do so immediately, a time will come when humans too will become extinct.

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