5 Latest Articles About Environmental Issues For Students

environmental issues articles

We’ve been fighting environmental issues as long as we can remember. The continuous expansion of our population is taking its toll on the environment, and we need to give our best to remedy it.

This article will give you the latest information about these issues to illuminate you of what’s currently happening on our planet.

Science Daily on Biodiversity

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Adam Siepielski from the University of Arkansas is working as a part of an international research team building a volunteer network to help keep track of the number of dragonflies and damselflies. These people will keep an eye on the Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies). Odonata is easy to spot and are the species that reflect the environmental stability of freshwater biodiversity.

Mongabay on Water Pollution

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Various groups and government officials criticized the Philippines’ DENR for putting dolomite sand on Manila Bay. They also say that this project disregarded public consultations and is missing some environmental assessments and certificates. No one knows what this project will do to the marine life in Manila Bay. Additionally, lawyers claim that this project also oversteps countless laws and transgresses a Supreme Court ruling that states government agencies to preserve, rehabilitate, restore and maintain the waters of Manila Bay.

The Guardian on Deforestation

Numerous scientists warn world leaders that continuos deforestation will only increase deadly pandemics. Conservationists and Biologists in a UN Summit, this September in New York, insisted that if we don’t control deforestation, diseases from wildlife will make their way to us.

Aerosol and Air Quality Research (AAQR) on Pollution

During the COVID-19 lockdown, it is noticeable that the air outdoors became cleaner due to the lack of vehicles, but what about indoors? AAQR stated that indoor air pollution (IAP) might play a significant role in human health than outdoor air pollution (OAP) because people are indoors. Sadly, they added that there are only a few studies on IAP’s effect on our health compared to the OAP. They also advised that more research on this is going to be beneficial in the future.

NASA on Climate Change

Atmosphere scientists concluded that if we cannot control the continuous production of greenhouse gas emissions, Antarctica and Greenland’s ice sheets could raise the sea level by 15 inches. In light of this, different groups are working on other ways to model the ice sheets and get a clear view of how they will contribute to the danger of rising sea levels.


After considering everything, taking care of the environment is vital because doing so helps us survive. We all walk, eat, breathe, and live in this world. For this reason, we are all affected by the state of the soil, air, water, animals, plants, and everything that surrounds us. As a result, whatever we do that harms the environment, hurts us, too. Still, people continue doing things that will endanger all of us.

The articles about environmental issues above will help you get an overview of what’s happening on our planet this 2020. Though we may not be able to go outside during the pandemic, it will be best to understand what is going on around us.

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