3 Actionable Tips on Environmental Pollution To Do Today

Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is the introduction of hazardous contaminants into our natural environment which causes an adverse alteration in the environment. Pollution can include air pollutants, energy, light, or noise, such as air quality, noise from machinery, chemicals, or nuclear radiation. In addition to all these, pollution can also occur as natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes.

Pollution occurs in many forms, including direct contact, by inhalation and ingestion, and through ingestion or entry. While some types of environmental pollution are unintentional, there are also some forms of pollution which are intentional, as in the case of illegal dumping, and there are also some forms of pollution which are unavoidable, because of their presence and their effects on the environment.

 Environmental Pollution:  Actionable Tips
Environmental Pollution: Actionable Tips

Environmental Pollution

Some forms of environmental pollution are caused by human activity. This type of environmental pollution is most commonly caused by industrial pollution. Industrial pollution may also be caused by a large number of waste products, which is created when factories produce products.

However, even with the presence of industrial polluters, we cannot avoid other forms of pollution. The same is true with the case of pollution brought about by natural causes. These types of environmental pollution, although often less harmful than industrial pollution, still have an effect on the environment. The two major types of environmental pollution are chemical and biological.

Actionable Tips

Chemical Pollutants One of the main types of chemicals is known as a pollutant. The primary purpose of a pollutant is to cause an alteration in the environment. It is this alteration, which causes damage, or adverse effects on the environment.

These chemical pollutants can be introduced by the use of polluted land, water, animals, or plants. They may also be produced by industries that produce toxic wastes. Also, there are several different kinds of toxic wastes that could be released during manufacturing processes.

Chemical Pollutant pollution is the most serious form of environmental pollution, since it has direct and detrimental effects on the environment. These effects include air pollution, water pollution, and land pollution. It can also cause damage to human beings and animal life on the surface of the earth.

Solution For Environmental Pollution

Because of its direct effects on the environment, chemical pollution has been considered the cause of many environmental problems. For example, the emission of chlorinated and chloroform gases, which have been found to cause severe ailments, such as lung diseases. Other cases of chemical pollution include the burning of fossil fuels, the emission of mercury into the air, chemical wastes which are used in the making of pesticides and other chemical products that pollute our water supplies and the consumption of chemicals such as VOCs (volatile organic compounds).

Bio-Degradable Pollutants Although not as harmful as chemical pollution, this type of environmental pollution is equally dangerous because of its effects on our environment. These effects include runoff of sewage and garbage into lakes and rivers, the emission of sewage water into the air, etc. These are considered to be bio-degradable pollutants, which means they are made up of matter that can be recycled back to its original state.

These effects can have devastating effects on water bodies. In fact, many of these water bodies are contaminated with drugs and other kinds of toxins, which cause infections, diseases, and other illnesses. These water bodies can also be breeding grounds for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. The disposal of drugs and other toxic wastes also causes contamination.

Bottom Line

Solution For Environmental Pollution
Solution For Environmental Pollution

There are several different types of pollution which may be categorized as ‘natural’. Some examples of natural pollutants are:

These are only a few examples of the many forms of pollution that can affect our health and the environment in general. We need to keep ourselves informed about such threats so that we can properly protect our environment.

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